Newsletter to the Friends and Benefactors of the
Institute of Christ the King Sovereign Priest

The ICKSP publishes a newsletter freely sent to the friends and benefactors of the Institute who wish to receive it. This high-quality newsletter tells about the news and apostolate of the Institute, especially in Great Britain, and also in Belgium. You will most certainly appreciate the many pictures of this fully-coloured newsletter, illustrating the supernatural beauty of the tridentine liturgy

The newsletter is sent for free to anyone asking for it (you can either contact Father Hudson or send me an email). Neither this nor the high-quality of the letter mean the Institute is wealthy enough and needs no financial support! Much to the contrary: the Institute really needs your financial (and prayerful!) support; but the newsletter being free, everyone is equally free to help the Institute by the donation he wants to make.
We can also thank and pray for Mr. Vanuzzi, friend and printer of the Institute, who makes it possible for Father Hudson to send you a newsletter of high quality, ad majorem Dei gloriam.